I was very committed and dedicated to my local church and especially my MOGs, it was an honour to be personally connected to the family of your Man of God. I come early before anyone and leave later than others, it was beautiful serving God in a busy church where we host top MOGs from Nigeria every month, we use to have program upon program and there’s barely any month without program, and on top of this there is daily activity, I mean I was happy and I served with the whole of me.

I will defend every church I was and MOGs with my entire being, infact I’m ready to fight anyone speaking against them, I was happy as a church believer, activity was my passion and I was among the organisers of these activities, we raise all sorts of seeds, dangerous, altar, family, firstborn, crossover, protection, next level, just name it, whatever comes to our mind, and thousand will rush out giving to lies, deceit, fake miracles, special anointing and grace that never existed. Business was good and everything was all going well and good.

As for faith, my faith hope and protection was only on my MOG and not Jesus, I believe I’m covered by the anointing and special grace of my MOGs, I barely pray and there’s no time to study the word because I’m always in church, so I only feed on the word from the pulpit, this was the trend year after year, empty spiritually, brainless and a candidate of Hell, I was in church but a total stranger to Jesus, I call His name, sing about it and tell others about Him, but I don’t know Him.

But something happened that changed the course of the whole thing, I became very uncomfortable, I felt there has to be more to just coming for activities, programs of, today water, tomorrow bottle, oil, sand, handkerchief, milk, deliverance without end etc. Salvation, the message of the cross and the love of God is only echoed through our songs, not messages, then it hit me hard, that’s the missing link, there is no word, the word of God was missing in the church, it was always story of MOG, how ministry started, Aso Rock connection and other things but no sound doctrine, not much mention of Jesus, but Elijah is our usual Prophet, we were in the church of Christ but not preaching the gospel message of Christ, it is all about works, efforts, commitment to programs, seed sowing and nothing more.

I took a drastic decision one day and withdraw myself from activity and the whole madness, I took out time to pray and study the word quietly and OMG!! I couldn’t believe my eyes, I was never in Christ, infact I’ve been worshipping object-based god and not Jesus, everything about me changed, I saw my emptiness, stupidity, and ignorance in the word of God, I was weeping, confused, I was afraid to think the ground I was standing on was nothing but a sinking sand, and that if I don’t leave, I will sink and find myself facing the white throne judgment of God, and not seating with Jesus as a royal Priesthood. I was very afraid to find myself alone, and the thought of embarking on the journey of truth almost killed me, fear engulfed me and I was afraid of where my discovery will lead me to, I was afraid.

I came for service one day and suddenly began to see the cracks, flaws, lies, twisting of scriptures, deceit, merchandising, extortion, object-based focus, brainwashing messages, self- glorification and just name it, all in just one service. I became very sad and thought, how do I now fight a system I was ignorantly supporting? How do I say it is all wrong, just where do I start from, where?


~ Ada Jesus