My beloved brethren in the Lord, the grace of God is not available to just one person, and there’s no special favour or anointing for one but for all. His love is indescribable, uncontainable and all powerful, our father reaches to all irrespective of our knowledge of Him, and when He want to use you, He sets you apart, replaces the whole of you with the whole of Him, love is God and God is love.

The Lord said wait for instruction, but instead of waiting I began to go from one church to another, the ritual all came back, oil, water etc, just name it, but I was hungry for the word, I was searching where I will hear sound doctrine and the gospel message of Christ, but I search all around and all I found is works, efforts and man made stories, O brethren the gospel message of grace of Christ is absent in the church.

I felt I had enough and enrolled in Bible College just maybe they will teach me the word there, the first day was all excitement and when the lectures began to roll in one after another it was lectures from books of American fathers of reformation and their doctrines, ideas, works efforts, still the same story, I went to another one still the same, in short, my bible college story is another long Epistle O, the lies, what we were taught was mainly ministry expansion, church as a business, faith as a force, prayer as works, just name it.

I finally decided to try non-African bible college and it was there Heaven came down and glory feel my soul, trust me it was eye opener, what I was looking for was pure gospel, and I got it there, my soul was revived and my Spirit was free, I came back every night and swallow bible till dawn, and at the end of July 2016, the old me was totally buried and there was someone new, the new creation man emerged. Forgiveness was so easy, I called all the people that caused me pain, both my voiceless friends that abandoned me in my time of need, I called them preaching Jesus, nothing mattered to me anymore, the whole pain, betrayal and sorrow was gone. I began to pray for God’s love and mercy for all the people I once pray “fall down and die” Jesus has arrived in my life and all that feels my heart was pure love

I was praying down fire, walking like someone that owns the earth, a Princess royal who is already seated in the Heavenliest far above principalities and powers, and as for the sickness I couldn’t remember anymore, my appointment day was my evangelism day, I will dress in my best suit with my hair and face all made up, I walk in daily with smiles, kindness and love, I was preaching Jesus to the patients, nurses and even my doctor. I became transformed and my doctor couldn’t recognise me the first time, I became a Counsellor to my so-called Counsellor, O it is good to know Jesus, and finally to crown it all guess who came to town? EPIGNOSIS DADDY, Dr, Abel Damina was in London and after that meeting, God come punish the devil forever.

My people, my life today is a big testimony not because of one special oil, prophecy, by effort or works, but by the grace of God which I receive by the faith of His Son Jesus, I am who I am today by His grace. My mission and purpose of living now is to spread the gospel message of grace of Christ, which is not found in many churches today, to reach out to unbelieving believers in the church and out there, and expose false teaching so that others can come into this same light darkness cannot comprehend, God can only be found in the word.

I have to conclude this story today, but there are chunks I cut off to arrive here which I will put this whole story in a book for the people of God by His grace. I will let you know when it’s ready

Let us reach out to souls in the church because many are lost, the fact that someone is a Pastor, worker etc or have been in church for thirty years doesn’t mean they know Jesus. Many in the church have not heard the gospel, it our responsibility to spread the gospel of grace of Christ, remember for every second you delay, a soul will be lost, think about this.

Thanks for reading…

~ Ada Jesus