Soo… The Christian Association of Nigeria in conjunction with RCCG and Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), has employed Tinubu (Jagaban) _and his minions of Touts_ to help shut the mouths of those GOD has raised to share His TRUTH to all. And I believe “ordinating his wife” is part of the payment plan.. #SMH

One of these “touts” entered the bus with me last week and was preaching about how God does not promise us wealth but death (And others even followed me to my place of work in order to talk against me to my boss _ensuring I’m not aware of it_..)

Before GOD strikes, He warns first.

And GOD is about to strike.

Which is why I am writing to warn you all…

…Because by the time GOD strikes, families would be involved; those that are in the cult, those that are aware but silent, those related to the culprits, etc.

And just so you know, I am aware of ALL what you’ve done so far. And when I say ALL, I mean ALL.

If you all in your utter foolishness and stupidity think you can stop or hinder GOD’s work, you are about to learn a very bitter lesson.


P.S: I can see that the Nigerian Police has suddenly become hyperactive as I see them around me very well these days.

[If you think Satan has fortified you well to fight, you are about to meet Satan’s creator and also know why Satan himself fears GOD]