The “Brotherhood”.

Nigeria We hail thee
Our own dear Native land
Though Tribe and Tongue may differ
In BROTHERHOOD we stand…

The present sorry state of Nigeria, as well as Africa now, is as a result of the 4th verse in the above Old National Anthem…

That “Brotherhood” is what we all know presently as the CABAL.

They’re the ones in charge of making sure everyone is kept in COLONIAL bondage and slavery..

..So that the Colonial Masters (in UK, US, FRANCE, etc) can maintain their “Master” status while we maintain our “Slave” status.

And this Occultic Cabal a.k.a “Brotherhood” are found in all spheres; from Religion to Sports to Politics to Banking to Business to Trading to Drivers/Conductors to Tailors to Schools, etc….

..From the highest to the lowest class in the society, you’ll find them.

This is why you’ll still find literate “believers” testifying in church for a visa received (to go and slave in another man’s land) today. Because these “spawns of darkness” ensure to make the Country unbearable for its citizens so that they can leave and go slave in another man’s (colonial masters) Countries.

A whole lot of your priests and pastors and parents know this Truth..
..But because most are feeding off your ignorance while the rest have decided to turn the BLIND eye, they ensure you do not get to know this Truth.

1 Corinthians 9:26
“I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air:”

Our prayer points now should be;

Father GOD! Every brotherhood/sisterhood standing against my success in this land and the success of Nigeria, let your wrath locate each and everyone of them NOW in Jesus _Your Word_ name. Amen!!!

[If you cannot pray this for yourself, please pray it for the sake of your children and your unborn children]

#HolySpiritIndwelling #TheWORDofGOD