Thank You Holy Spirit.

The notorious “generational curse” here in Africa _especially Nigeria_ started when the ‘COLOnials’ / JEWish “Assyrians”- {aka satanic agents} came to exchange Human Lives with THINGS…

….giving THINGS (e.g, Mirrors, Umbrellas, Stainless plates and Cutleries, etc.) in exchange for HUMAN LIVES/SOULS.

Little did our forefathers know that they were entering into chronic demonic covenant and severe slavery by that exchange. Isaiah 52:4. Ezekiel 16:28; 23:12. Hosea 12:1. Isaiah 20:4. Isaiah 19:23.

And it has trickled down, generation after generation (where people began to sacrifice HUMAN LIVES/SOULS in exchange for Jets, latest Cars, Gold chains {Ezekiel 7:23}, Wealth, Influence, Fame, etc. -“THINGS”-). Revelation 18:12-13

John 8:32
“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you FREE.”

Galatians 4:21-31. Zephaniah 2:13. Jeremiah 50:18. Isaiah 38:6; 10:12-34.