I took time away from social media – am still out though – to reflect on questions I have asked. One of such is, who is God?

I knew the answer to this question, but I also knew my answer was not where it should be. So, my reflection produced some reasonable and near conclusive answer. As a matter of principle, I have made up my mind not to attempt to teach anyone to know who God is. However, I like to give a guideline to the pathway.

Reason out these, is there anything that fills everywhere with no regard for time and space? Does such a thing sustain anything? If you remove that thing from existence, would anything live? Would the sun be able to burn? Would water form? What can we really learn of that thing as it fills all and has diverse constitution across space and time? Is it really what we have all thought it to be?

My understanding at this point is:

1) God has no gender. To call him he or she or it can not begin to express his form – for he has none, though he manifests in all forms.

2) He (I would use that pronoun to satisfy the world of conventionalism) does not discriminate?

3) He cares less if you do right or wrong, but he moves with rewards for the two decisions. I mean, he blames none neither does he praise any, you reap what you sow with him being indifference. If you decide to strike a match, he will aid its burning. If you put your hand in the fire, he will not stop the burning just because you were the one who set it off. RESPONSIBILITY is a law in him.

4) He does not speak, he is full of words and exudes same. When you stand before him (I think “in him” is the right word) you pick information. However, you need your mind to process that information. If your mind is not developed or if it is full of sentiments, you will tell a lie and half-truth.

5) If you say he exists or he does not, you have not lied. You spoke only to the level of your awareness and since he can not be defined or described nor labeled, whatever you say he is means nothing – he is who he is and will be to you what you assume yet, that does not stop you from doing great things nor does it implies you will necessarily do great things. Finding your purpose and living it is the only important thing.

6) He manifests himself in everything and they all should be categorized by their level of communication or ability for complex communication.

7) All human understanding of who he is are fractions of who he truly is. We are him, he is us and yet, we are less than him. You can never consist the whole of him, that is why we have different beings and matter but all are down to a small indivisible element trying to achieve a state of excitation before him (in him is appropriate). Everything dissolves into him when they reach that excitation state. “Enoch walked with God till he was no more”.

8) One who comes to know him speaks less of him but lives more of him because the world is full of many opinions of him which makes speaking of him confusing. You wouldn’t even have the strength to speak of him when you have reached the place of knowing him, you will do what you know of him and speak of his works.

9) It is foolishness to form a religion out of the little of him we glean. Yet all religion have not been totally wrong, they start in the quest of man to know him and when they gain a little knowledge or hint of him, they desire to personalize him while they put their idea to the knowledge of him. There they are partially wrong.

“You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free”.

Ponder on my questions and jumpstart your movement to the place of knowing the truth about the one you seek to know. Even science has all along related to him without knowing. He is an enigma.

I do not claim to know, I am learning to know.

~ Bosun S.G Wealth