“Demons” are dead souls reincarnated. Male and Female demons are called Baalim and Ashtaroth.

These “Baalim and Ashtaroth” are termed “SAINTS” by the CATholic Church.

Which means these “demons” are some people’s “ANCESTORS”.

A whole lot of you fighting “demons” are going to end up becoming one when you die.

“Devils” are EGYPTIAN Gods and Goddesses of the underworld.

When you become fixated on the DEAD’s “flesh and blood” literally, and on being like the DEAD _be it a prophet or otherwise_, you end up in the UNDERWORLD.


Allow the blood and flesh of the man “Jesus” rest! _Or are you a vampire and cannibal???_

*NOTE: The “flesh and blood” that defeated the demons and devils is the “WORD and HOLY SPIRIT”!!!*

#KNOWLEDGEisPower #EmancipateYourselvesFromMentalSlavery