Where did your bible come from? The "canons" {Qanons} of god? Who wrote them, who introduced them through the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D.? Are you aware that the "holy bible" was written by the Anunnaki in Sumer-Ur Babylon many thousands of years ago about their journey to invade and replace the human evolution… Continue reading QANONS.


I wrote about the mother of a particular woman I once worked for. Who attends the "REDeemed Christian Church of God - RCCG". She was the one that flashed the "sign of Koth" (4 fingers) at me, and also sent some footwears through her cousin's daughter to me. I've always felt uneasy about the footwears,… Continue reading RED LEATHER.


The real witches _AJEmorun_ are not in your villages, they are on "thrones". They are the real AJEmorun (as "Yorubas" would say). DEVILS feasting on humans. These are worst than animals. Any creature knowingly feasting on its own kind has ceased to be Living but DEAD! P.S: Some few months back, a family member had… Continue reading CovenANTS.


Written by Teri Wade. For my new followers this is a tough one but here it is. It's kind of long because I put all three parts together. -------------------------------- Anti-human agenda 1 The anti-life society is founded upon having no value or purpose for life thus has no value or remorse for the suffering of… Continue reading THIS WAR IS REAL.


The “SECRET COVENANT” Here’s a look through the Matrix in which so many can’t see, but ALL will be forced to very soon. It’s being played out in front of every one of you... "An illusion it will be, so large, so vast it will escape their perception. Those who will see it will be… Continue reading FALLEN ANGELS…


#1_ASHmodeusOne #NumberOne #One_Kain #Baal #LORD #REDbull #AriEL #DevIL #ManOfSin_SonOfPerdition #Ptah #Genie #KingOfTheJinns #Osiris_Ra #Ausar_HausaNow, after these things happened, Pistis came and appeared over the matter of chaos, which was cast off like an aborted fetus, since there was no spirit in it.For all of that is a boundless darkness and water of unfathomable depth. And… Continue reading YALDABAOTH…

THE JUMP (Awakening).

The Jump... As you all know Earth is going thru a transition, a transition to a higher dimension. Earth is splitting into two different realities. Earth is separating the two frequencies... one of the dogmatic, ideologic Archon controlled structure to a more free thinking, freedom from control and authority to liberation. Many are choosing to… Continue reading THE JUMP (Awakening).


Part of the Negative Agenda on Earth is desensitizing humanity to violance and sexualizing every single thing, the target being children. Creating a mindset where violence and sex are "main stream" and "normal" - even combining to add violent sex, all while preaching in religion that you will go to hell - is an illumaniti… Continue reading THE NEGATIVE AGENDA.


Something extraordinary happened today. Was walking to the busstop when all of a sudden I started hearing a loud "Moo" behind me. I looked around, only to see a "white cow" not too far from my left with eyes opened wide looking at me and Mooing loudly... #MooMoo_Mumu 😂 I just looked at it uninterestingly… Continue reading BAAL IS BACK (2).