#RAWTALK There is a freedom that being irreligious avail those who embrace that path, and it start with genuine love for all mankind, curiosity to know all that there is to know, and confidence to enter into unconventional zones of life. Okusanya Temitope is one lady you may never understand if you have a very… Continue reading FREEDOM FROM RELIGION.


Revelation 2:9 "I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

Santavirus aka Covid One Nine.

Jeffery McGee wrote: If you truly studied it and how you got it, you'll see it for yourselves. There are some truths in it but it's mixed with a whole lot of lies. And if you don't study anything else but the bible, all you'll see is what the people who wrote the bible wanted… Continue reading Santavirus aka Covid One Nine.

Dear Humans…

Dear humans that do not understand mind control and the depths of the programming you are under -You all have heard about cults and how anyone that is part of a cult gets angry when someone tries to free them from the brainwashing of the cult?That's you - when you lash out at those who… Continue reading Dear Humans…


Nigerians wouldn't seem to amaze me with their utter blindness and ignorance! Hosea4:6a was specially written for you all... #SMH Just so you all know, President Buhari pronounced it correctly!It is Covid "ONE NINE"!!! If you know the "God" the numbers ONE, SIX, and NINE _1 6 9_ are ascribed to, you'd understand! People are… Continue reading COVID “ONE NINE”.

Re: Revelations..

When I was telling you all 7 years ago, instead of listening, the FOOLS came at me showing off underground powers......Now that Coronavirus has been sent, please ensure to also show it your powers.#CursedChildren!!! #Ema_gbon_las_las


You do not have enough to feed yourself successfully, And you want to get married and give birth? Really??? 🙄 You as an adult is finding it difficult to feed and cloth yourself but you still want to go ahead stupidly, senselessly, heartlessly, and insanely, to give birth to children that will suffer Because of… Continue reading RELIGION KILLS, KILL RELIGION!!!


#Oju_Olorun_NWO_e 😳 #NewWorldOrder The first and most important secret phrase heard by Freemasons as they work their way up the ladder is TUBAL CAIN. You have to make it a very long way — usually to at least 32nd degree — to have any chance of understanding what this really means. Ultimately, this refers to the… Continue reading TUBAL CAIN (TWO BALL CANE)


🤔 ...I've been suspecting this Lagos heat for a while now, It's effect is similar to 5G symptoms. Or am I the only one who feels a burning sensation on my face after being under the sun for a while, sweating profusely? 👀 And the difficulty in breathing at times after exerting just little energy.… Continue reading 5G HEALTH CONCERNS.