The “born again” you all christians are spitting out ignorantly has to do with REINCARNATION

They (REligious leaders) in their occult (which is the whole essence of the _RElegion_ religion) invoke the spirit of the deads (aka “demon”)

Which possesses the ignorants bodies and re-live his/her life, and they in turn gets to control the invoked spirit thus controlling you who it has possessed…

…This has caused a whole lot of mental problems amongst the “Christians” who know virtually nothing about what they’re into (“Though we are many, we are one body…. We are Legion for we are many”)

We tell them now, they call us “liars”… #SMHPATHETICALLY

In many local religions, belief in multiple souls is common. The soul is frequently viewed as capable of leaving the body through the mouth or the nostrils and of being reborn, for example, as a bird, a butterfly, or an insect. The Venda of southern Africa believe that, when a person dies, the soul stays near the grave for a short time and then seeks a new resting place or another body—human, mammalian, or reptilian.
~ https://www.britannica.com/topic/reincarnation