Ra, Isis and Nephthys

Now, there on that WALL

Is “Adam (baal)”, Eve (gazelle), Lilith (Nun), and the rest of the family 😏

All linked together {“though we are many, we are one body…”}

Adam, Eve, and Lilith is known as “Ra, Isis, and Nephtys” in Egyptian texts

And as recorded in Gen 1, they’re all ANDROGYNOUS beings _”…Male&Female created He them_

“Nun” on that WALL has a similar face to that picture of “jesus”. He’s a bearded man with a woman’s body, having breasts and putting on a bRA

The “Indians” call “Nun” -BRAhman- (Bra-man) and kjv developed aBRAm (a-bra-man) _abraham_ from that name.
It would do you well to also know that

NUN is the WATER_of_CHAOS.

And in the Emerald tablets written by Thoth,

The WORD came from CHAOS! 😏

Kjv wrote it as “The Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us….” in his “bi-baal” _bible_
Also, from what I can SEE

The body of “gazelle” _a very young man’s_ and the body of “nun” _a woman’s_ makes up the very wide muscular chest of “baal”

Kjv in his “bible” noted it as “….and the two shall become ONE

This Baal’s “number ONE” position is the inspiration behind the CULTISTS and Occults naming their leader _NUMBER ONE_

In the Gnostic texts, Baal is called YALDABAOTH

Infact, every atrocities committed by Yaldabaoth and his fellow “principalities” -from gang rape to theft to ignorance to killing to abortion-

Are all being committed today, especially by the CULTISTS and OCCULTS.