This _link_ explains indepth all what I’ve been seeing recently on WALLS and other surfaces….

….Annunakis, Reptilians, Aliens, etc.

Kindly click to watch so as to have a perfect understanding too


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…written by Dawn Mazur
I too have seen and interacted with reptilians.The first time for me was in the spring of 1988.

I was hospitalized and found myself in a ward where 4 of the 7 doctors there were 8″ tall lizards.

Out of the sides of my vision I could clearly see their form, yet when I looked at them directly they appeared human.

My clear understanding was that they were using technology that tricked the humans around them into seeing them as a human hologram, whereas the truth was that they were not human at all.

Fast forward a number of years and as I became more and more advanced spiritually the reptilians and other smaller parasitic 4th dimensional entities went into an all out attack that lasted 15 years.

As the years rolled by I became stronger and more able to deal with them. When they realized they could not directly effect me any more, they came at me through everyone and anyone I was close to.

That meant that my husband would suddenly become possessed and try to beat and rape me… this was the man I had already been married to for over 25 years .. a wonderful man who never raised his hand to me and who was a gentle lover (later he would have no recollection of trying to beat and rape me).

Reptilians also came at me by jumping into people on the street (like the ‘women in the red dress’ scene in the matrix). I had already been a multi dimensional healer for over 20 years by this time, and became a focus for hoards of reptilian attacks, likely to stop my work of freeing other humans from their grip.

Fast forward… during the last 2 years of the attack I met my current partner. He unzipped his body and stepped out to show me that he was an angel… he fought these hoards by my side for the next 2 years and the attack finally culminated in the following way.

One day, while napping, I had a nightmare. As I began to wake up, because of the shock of this violent dream, I realized that I was not the creator of the nightmare. I pulled myself back into sleep brainwaves and was able to follow the stream of consciousness that instigated it.

It had tracked me through my cell phone (left on in the other room). I was able to follow the stream of consciousness to an underground base in Florida where 2 men wearing psychic enhancement headgear worked as psychic soldiers for the reptilians there.

I burned out the headgear they wore and fried their computers, then followed the link in the computers to remove all of my info from every single place it was electronically stored.

Afterwards my phone suffered ‘black screen’ and would no longer work. I have a new phone and have not been bothered since. I realize how far out this post may sound… but… heads up everyone.

This is how powerful a fully awake human can be.