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The main difference between a Seer and a Prophet is:

A Prophet serves as a “mediator” between “MAN” and the People

A Seer serves as a “mediator” between “MAN” and GOD

[“MAN” here being RA (aka Devil aka fallen Angel) and his legions].

“MAN” being in the lower _underworld_ realms (aka “HELL”) and

GOD being in the higher _above_ realms (aka “HEAVEN”)

Both “Spirit”.

2 Peter 2:4 kjv
“For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;”

So, whenever you read about “mediators between God and men”, that “men” is referring to {the “man of sin, the son of perdition” and his cronies} these entities on the wall _which most cannot see_
Thus, it is not every tom, dick, and harry, that can “judge angels” as written in 1Corinthians 6:3

Can you see the “angels”_you want to “judge” there on the wall?, or are you also only seeing “spyrogyras” and “aquabial growths”… ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜’

Enoch is a perfect example of a Seer, as it is written that the “fallen angels” asked him to help beg God on their behalf….๐Ÿ‘‡

1 Samuel 9:9 kjv
“(BEFORETIME in Israel, when a man went to enquire of God, thus he spake, Come, and let us go to the seer: for he that is now called a Prophet was BEFORETIME called a Seer.)”

Emphasis on “before TIME”.

Because “BeforeTIME”, Seers usually see GOD!

And it’s not too surprising though…. that some writers now link “TIME” to “Saturn” {aka Satan aka EL) that is part of the “committee” set up to trick/deceive people ~


3 thoughts on “About…

  1. First, thanks for stopping my little space on the blogosphere! I appreciate it and I appreciate the Holy Spirit leading you my way, that I might find YOU! I asked the Holy Spirit when He led me to this medium to lead me to those who would inspire, encourage and even teach, though I’ve been “trying” to serve the Lord, forty plus years now! I’m of the firm belief that you CAN “teach old dogs new tricks” so to speak!
    I love what you said in your exhortation as it is so true and all the more today it seems. Though many generations have looked at their circumstances and believed they were in the days before Christ return, aka, the “last days,” with circumstances taking shape globally I believe the time is very, very close for Christ’s return, which makes what you are teaching so very important.
    I believe that those who follow after the teachings of Christ are brothers and sisters in arms against the evil one and it is the Godly love for others eternally that sets us apart. Without that Agape love, we would remain too selfish to want to tell others of the Good News of Christ’s Redemptive power, mercy and grace!!
    I’m going to put your site on my links page and I have a lot of worthwhile and inspirational sites that I follow, but I know that it is only a fraction of the total Body of Christ that is coming together and using the ministry gifts bestowed upon the Father’s children by His Holy Spirit.
    This is what makes this modern day Church, (not speaking of the “brick and mortar” church) so exciting. This medium is allowing brothers and sisters to come together to share ideas, to lend inspiration and encouragement and to help build one another up in the Lord with the spreading of His Holy Word!
    I try and make the rounds of all the sites I follow and even though I am an avid reader, it takes me a while now but I always get back to each site I am following. I do use the Reader from time to time, but mostly I follow my links so I don’t forget anyone. I’m telling you this so you will know if it takes me a while to come back then I try and catch up with as many posts as I can.
    So, as I stated, I’m adding your site to my Links page and until I can follow some more of your posts (sincerely I will!) I pray God bless you greatly and abundantly as you continue to serve (minister) to all the people the Holy Spirit leads your way, and especially as you follow His leading in service to Him, our Redeemer and Lord, Christ Jesus!
    Thank you brother for making your ministry known to me!!

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